How to catify your apartment

9 Ways to Catify Your Apartment

Do you want to catify your apartment? Many apartment dwellers worry about keeping the area around them cat-friendly, but doing so can be challenging if you have limited resources. And no matter how much effort and money you have to devote, it’s not always easy to create an apartment that’s cat-friendly.

Ways to Catify Your Apartment

In this article, we’ll look at nine ways to catify your apartment so that your furry family members can live comfortably and happily with you.

1. Mesh up windows

Making your windows and door cat-proof is the first thing you should do when you’re getting a cat. In this way, it will be impossible for your cats to escape to unsupervised areas or fall from high places. You can buy window mesh or netting so that you won’t have to worry about your cat jumping out of the window.

2. Maximize vertical space

A cat tree is basically a tall structure that is designed to help your cat climb and play. Try to pick the right height for your apartment so that you can make it easy on your cat when she wants to run around the area. You can buy one or build one of your own, but make sure it is stable.

Cat trees may seem expensive, but they are actually very useful for cats and people alike. The best way to keep your apartments cat-friendly is to buy a good-quality cat tree that suits your personal budget and needs.

Cat shelves are ideal for small apartments when space is a concern. They can be installed for your cats to climb and explore the higher grounds. Since these shelves are mounted on the wall, they won’t clutter up your living space. 

3. Provide scratching posts

The best solution for preventing your cats from scratching your furniture is to get them scratching posts. Provide your cats with scratching posts and logs, and create them yourself from hemp ropes, so that their environment is cat-friendly. This is an easy way to catify your apartment.

4. Protect your furniture

To protect your furniture from cats, you can buy furniture covers and slipcovers that will effectively protect your furniture from cats’ scratching habits. Move your cat to a scratching post every time he attempts to scratch somewhere you don’t want him to. That’s why scratching posts are crucial for cats. 

5. The ‘Window’ TV

Your cats might enjoy watching the view outside your window if they’re anything like ours. It’s almost like a TV for them. Make your kitty’s rest and view more enjoyable by getting or building a perch for them to rest on. 

6. Remove dangers

Keep toxic chemicals out of reach. It is necessary to keep all products that are poisonous to cats out of their reach. This includes food preparation products, cleaning supplies, and any medications you have on hand. Keep your counters clear and securely sealed, especially over washing machines or dishwashers where they may be able to get on top of the appliance and knock heavy bottles off onto themselves or onto the floor.

While cat-proofing your home, it can be a challenge to hide cables such as telephone, TV, and computer cords. Cable covers or boxes can solve this problem by preventing cables from being a threat to your cats while they’re roaming around.

7. A cozy spot to sleep

Two-thirds of a cat’s life is spent sleeping, so it’s important to provide a comfortable place for them to sleep. You should provide a comfy place for them to curl up in if you don’t want them to sleep with you. You do not necessarily need a pet bed for this, they should be fine with a rug or blanket on a chair. You already have a comfy chair or sofa in your apartment, why not put it to good use?

8. Food, water, and litter

For obvious reasons, food and water should be easily accessible to your cats. You can place them in an area that is easy for the cats to reach. In other words, don’t put it near anything that can get knocked over – do not put it on top of your cabinets or near the TV! It is preferable for cats to have their food and water bowls separated, so keep them in different corners of your apartment. If your apartment is large, you may need to have 2 water bowls in different rooms. 

It is essential to keep your litter box clean at all times so that you are not left with the unpleasant smell of cat urine or feces. If your cats are habitual, they may refuse to use the litter box if they know it has been dirty recently.

9. Keep their favorite toys close by

It is natural for cats to seek entertainment when bored and lonely. Cats like to have a fun place to explore and have fun in. Make sure the toys you buy for your cat are safe and not dangerous. Automated toys may help ease boredom if you’re always busy.

You can make your apartment cat-friendly without major renovations; all of the recommendations above are easy to implement and will make life better for your cats and you.


How can I make my small apartment cat-friendly?

You can make a small apartment more fun for your cat by providing them with their favorite toys, climbing area, scratching posts, and food and water bowls. They should be accessible for your cats. You can also provide your cat with a cozy spot to sleep by making them a bed or putting rugs and blankets on the sofa.

How do you catify on a budget?

You can buy cat supplies from stores such as Target, Petco, PetSmart, and Walmart. You can also get cheap cat supplies from Amazon. Some items, like scratching posts and toys, you can make at home using the instructions on Youtube or DIY videos from Instructables.

What does Catified mean?

To catify means to make a home more cat-friendly to cater to a cat’s needs. It can be a small apartment or a large house. It provides the necessities and amenities for your cat to live comfortably. 

Is it cruel to keep a cat in an apartment?

No, it is not cruel to keep a cat in an apartment. In fact, it is recommended that cats stay in apartments and not be confined to the outdoors. It is more important for them to be indoors for their safety and health.

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