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10 Amazing Cardboard Ideas for Cats

Is your cat ignoring you in favor of the walls, floors, furniture? Cats can be a lot of work. And what is the best way to keep your cat busy? Cardboard. Yes, cardboard! Cat owners can take old boxes and turn them into structures for their cats to climb on, play with toys inside of or even hide under.

We’ve put together a list of easy DIY projects that anyone can do in a short time. So, let’s get started with the first one.

1. A cardboard house for cats

Making a cardboard house is rather simple. When we were kids, many of us had constructed houses or cars out of this material–and you can do that for your cats too!

Just take some cardboard to start with; cut two holes in the front for lights and an opening near the roof so your cat can play inside it freely without being restricted by walls or ceilings height restrictions (you might also want to add toys). It doesn’t have much else needed but what do cats love more than boxes anyways?

Decorate however you want, or paint their names with some pet-safe paint. For more ideas on cardboard houses, check out this page by Excited Cats.

2. Treat Hunting Toy from Toilet Rolls

We all have toilet rolls in our houses. Rather than discarding them, you may make a treat-seeking toy from the humble and often overlooked household item that is part of every home: The toilet paper roll!

A great way to get your feline friend interested? Add cat treats in the toilet roll and seal both ends with paper and tape. Poke holes along the side of the toilet rolls. Then give it to your cat and watch her discover the prize, which will help her improve her hunting ability.

Let us know if this works in the comments below.

3. Maze Game for Cats

What’s more fun than a maze? If you have cats, of course! I’ve seen people make these cardboard boxes with their cats and it is so cute. You will need some big pieces of cardboard or paper for this project depending on how big-scale you want the maze to be. If your kitty likes playing hide-and-seek as much as eating treats then there won’t be anything stopping them from exploring all corners.

Cut open cardboard so that they are open and flat. Tape them all together to make a big 4-sided outer fence. Then, make several strips of cardstock and lay them in the box in a labyrinth form.

Now you can have a look at how well your cat can do in the maze. Tips: Putting treats in the right spot can pique their interest and ‘move’ them in the right direction.

4. Playing toy from toilet Rolls

You may also create your own cat toys from toilet rolls. Toilet paper rolls are perfect for this purpose because they have a sturdy tube shape which cats enjoy playing with.

To make your cat’s toy, you can cut the whole roll in half or just into small pieces that resemble rings. You may then hang them up using string to promote climbing and improve their jumping skills too!

5. Paper balls made with toilet rolls

If you still have toilet rolls (which obviously you do), you can try making them into balls. Our cats LOVE this! They are the easiest toy we made, without any tool other than a pair of scissors, and of course, toilet roll.

You can cut the toilet roll into strips (rings) and then interlock them together to form a ball. It is that easy.

See more toilet roll toys in this article.

6. DIY Whack-a-mole

This is also one of the most straightforward projects, and it’s a lot of fun for your cat. To do this, make a few holes in the top of the cardboard and remove one of the sides so you can place items from there. Now take something that will fit inside the holes and have some fun Whacking moles with your cat.

7. Food and water bowl elevator

It is good for cats to feed from an elevated height, and cardboard is just the best item to help elevate their bowls when they are eating or drinking.

First, a raised food bowl is good for cats because it reduces the risk of bloating and also helps them eat more easily. It also helps reduce the risk of vomiting and indigestions.

To create your cat’s elevated bowl, you can use a cardboard box or any other container that is large enough to hold her water and feed bowls. Cut an outline of the food bowl on the top of the cardboard box.

Make sure that the box is sturdy. Place the food bowl in the hole and watch your cats eat better.

An example can be found here

8. Treat hunting game from the egg box

Challenge your cat to find the treats hidden in an egg box. Fill it with food or treats and let them fish out the food on their own. Add some small paper balls or leave the lid loosely closed to increase the challenge difficulty.

9. DIY Cat Scratcher

Cats have an innate need to scratch and claw at things, even if it is just cardboard. Making your own DIY scratching posts or scratching pads from old pieces of cardboard will help satisfy their clawing needs as well as protect your furniture from damage.

You can make a cat’s scratcher from cardboard by cutting strips of the same width. Roll these together to form one long, wide piece which you can then cut in whatever shape or size is desired for your kitty’s needs!

10. A Hideout For your Cat

Cats can be picky about where they relax, but you might have the perfect spot to hide if your cat loves napping in secret spots. Make a simple house out of cardboard or any 4-sided structure and place it somewhere different from its normal haunts for some alone time!


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