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Catification: 9 Helpful Tips for Cat Owners

Are you a cat owner? You know that there are many things to do in order to please your feline friend. One of the most important is the need for them to have their own space, where they can feel safe and secure.

Catification is all about designing spaces for cats so that they can live happily and comfortably with you and your family! 

If you are looking for ways to cater to your feline friend, here are tips on how you can do just that!

1. Add scratching posts

Add some scratching posts around the house so cats have plenty of places to sharpen their claws. You can get them in a variety of materials including sisal rope, cardboard and wood.

Some people prefer buying the scratching boards because they’re inexpensive and allow you to change up the place where your cat scratches at any time. This is perfect for those who have an area that needs protection from unwanted clawing or damage such as the sofa.

2. Placement of litter box

A litter box should be placed in a space that is open and easily accessible, preferably low traffic. Cats are sensitive creatures so don’t put food or water dishes anywhere near where your cat uses his/her litter.

For multiple cats, it’s best to not place cat boxes next to each other.

They typically aren’t willing to share small spaces and will prefer litter boxes that are exclusive to them. If you have multiple cats, make sure you have enough litter boxes – one per cat plus one extra is best.

3. Use litter mats

It’s important to have a clean, comfortable home for you and your cat(s). One way you can achieve this is by placing litter mats underneath the litter box. Cats tend to kick out some of their litters or when they come out from the mat after using it, so it’ll be nice not only for them but also yourself!

Using high-quality mats is essential for maintaining the cleanliness of your home. Litter mats can capture litter pellets that can otherwise be tracked all around the house.

Best Overall: Tidy Paws Litter & Food Mat (Link)

Tidy Paws Litter & Food Mat

Price: $23.90. These sturdy, water-resistant mats are an effective solution to litter messes and are built to last! Easy-to-clean instructions are provided. These are essential for the comfort and catification of your home.

4. Install high-up resting spots

Install high-up resting spots for cats who like to keep an eye on their surroundings from up high. This will give them a sense of safety and security.

Install cat ledges on to the walls of your home that your cat(s) can jump on and off from. This will give your cat(s) a sense of freedom and feel as if it’s in their natural habitat.

Cats naturally jump from all kinds of platforms, branches, and surfaces in the wild. Give them a sense of freedom by installing ledges on the walls for them to jump from to their heart’s content.

Best Overall: Tuft & Paw Plateau Cat Perch (Link)

Plateau Cat Perch - Tuft and Paw

5. Cat trees

You can also make or buy cat trees, which feature scratching posts to help keep your furniture in good condition. Again, you’ll want this as high up as possible so the cats can get their favorite vantage point without fear of being attacked.

Some cats prefer high spaces while others enjoy hiding in small areas – either way, you’re sure to find what your cat’s preference is.

A cat tree is a perfect place to provide your feline friend with endless hours of entertainment, not only because of their natural instincts but also for other reasons. Cats are able to keep themselves occupied by climbing and scratching, preventing boredom which can lead to mischievous behavior.

Best Overall: Tuft & Paw Milo Cat Tree (Link)

6. Attach Window Perches to Window Ledges

Cats love looking out of windows just as humans like to watch streaming TV. It’s a form of entertainment for them to look outside at the trees, birds and other natural things around your neighborhood.

Window perches are perfect because they give cats something soft in which it can lounge comfortably while taking in the scenery too!

7. Pet door

Consider getting a pet door installed in your bedroom so that when they scream, you don’t need to let them out of the room. Cats have a thing with doors and often don’t like them being shut which is why having one would be helpful! When you have 2 cats like me, opening doors for the cats can be a tedious task. Imagine sleeping and waking up every 5 minutes to open the door because one wants to go out or come in.

8. Use furniture protectors if needed

There are a wide variety of furniture protectors that help keep your upholstered chairs and couches free of scratches. Many are affordable, are perfectly safe around your cats, and are easy to use and remove.

Cats will naturally seek out objects to scratch. By providing convenient scratching posts (see Tip #1) and using protectors over your furniture, your cat will naturally figure out where to scratch, keeping your upholstered furniture in good shape.

Having an appropriate slipcover that fits over your furniture is also essential to a cat owner’s home maintenance and certification.

9. Keep Food and Water Separate

Cats are very particular about their eating habits. In fact, they don’t like to have their water source too close to their food. The best practice is to have separate places for their food and water dishes.

Opt for broad and short bowls rather than typical bowls, so that the cat’s whiskers won’t get obstructed by the height of the food or water dishes.


These 9 cat-friendly catification tips should give you a good start towards designing your home for your feline family. An interior design that keeps both you and your cat(s) happy is an investment worth making for any cat owner.


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