How to catify your apartment

Catify Your Apartment: How to Make Your Home Cat-friendly

If you are a cat lover, you have probably thought about catifying your apartment at some point. This is a great way to make your home more inviting and satisfying for your furry friend. In this blog post, we will give you some tips on how to catify your apartment so that it’s both functional and stylish. Read on for more information!

What is Catification?

The term “Catification” was coined by Jackson Galaxy, a cat expert and host of the TV show “My Cat From Hell”. The concept is simple: make your home more accomodating to your cats. This can be done in a variety of ways and usually involves adding shelving, perches and other elements that provide space for cats to explore and relax. It also includes making your home a safer place for your cats.

Why should you catify your apartment

Catification is not just about making your home pretty with cat stuff. In my opinion, it’s more about functionality and safety than the aesthetic. Although, of course, it’s nice to have cat furniture that matches the design of your home.

Here are some reasons why people catify their home:

Give cats the space to play and run around.

As we all know, cats love to play and explore. By making your home cat-friendly, you give them more space to do just that. This is especially important for apartment cats who do not have the opportunity to go outside as often.

Keep cats from getting into trouble

Cats are curious by nature and often find ways to get into trouble when they do not have proper ways to release their energy. Cat furniture and climbing structures can help prevent them from getting into mischief and keep them from harm.

Catification also means keeping your cats away from hazards such as open windows, electricity, confined spaces, etc. Cat-proofing these dangerous areas will make your home a safe place to leave your cats alone for a few hours when you are at work.

Make cats feel at home

Some cats are uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings, but with the right amount of cat-proofing, you can make your home feel like a sanctuary to them. With places to hide and perches to relax on, you can help your cat feel more comfortable, especially with adopted cats who may be defensive at first.

Allow cats to enjoy being indoors

As we all know, some cats love to be outside and explore. However, given the dangers that lurk outside – cars, other animals, etc. – it’s not always safe for them to roam outside. Catification can help make your home more attractive to cats so they do not feel the need to wander off.

Easier life for both of you

Last but not least, catification can also make your life easier. Having designated areas for your cats to relax and play means you will not have to clean up as much mess. It also prevents them from scratching furniture or going to the bathroom outside the litter box.

How to catify your apartment

So those are some reasons why you should make your home cat-friendly. But how do you go about doing it? Here are a few tips:

Vertical space is key

Since cats love to climb and explore, vertical space is a great way to make your home cat-friendly. This can mean adding shelves, putting up a cat tree, or simply using your walls to create more space.

Create hiding places

Cats love to hide and feel safe, so it’s important to set up some hiding places. This can be done with furniture such as a cat tower or ottoman with a blanket draped over it, or simply boxes or other items for them to hide in.

Provide perches

Perches are another important element for cats, as they love to relax and observe their surroundings from above. This can be done with a cat tree, a windowsill or even just a large shelf.

Make sure there are no dangers lurking

As mentioned earlier, cats need to be protected from hazards like open windows and power cords. Make sure your windows are barred if you tend to open them. Keep cords out of reach of kitties, as they are always curious and might bite them. Beware of tight spaces where your cat might get stuck. Making sure these areas are cat-proof will keep your home safe for both you and your cats.

Create a cat-friendly environment

By following these tips, you can create a welcoming and cat-friendly environment for your beloved feline friends. With plenty of room to play, explore, and relax, they are sure to feel right at home in their new home!

There is a lot of cat furniture on the market, here are some of our favorites.

High shelves and perches

One of the most popular ways to add cat furniture to your home is to add shelves and perches for cats to climb and relax on. This gives them a place to scratch, play and sleep. You can buy shelves and perches designed specifically for cats, or you can repurpose furniture you already have.

Vertical scratching posts

If you have a cat that loves to scratch, you can save your furniture by providing it with a vertical scratching post. These scratching posts are usually made of sisal or carpet and allow cats to scratch their claws in a specific spot.

Litter box furniture

Another way to make your home more cat-friendly is to provide furniture for the litter box. This can be anything from a simple cabinet to a decorative piece of furniture.

Cat trees

Cat trees are a great way to give cats a place to play and scratch. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits the design of your home.

Cat toys

Of course, no home is complete without cat toys! Cats love to play with balls, chase strings, and scratch on things. By providing your cats with plenty of toys, you’ll ensure that they have a good time and do not get into trouble.

With a little effort, you can easily catify your apartment and make both you and your cats happier. Just remember to use safe materials that are scratch and scrape resistant, and make sure your cats have plenty of room to explore.

Where to get inspiration and ideas

If you are still looking for ideas on how to decorate your home in a cat-friendly way, do a search on Pinterest! We have found a lot of ideas there. Another tip is to check out home renovation portfolio sites! There are some unique ideas there that we never would have thought of otherwise.

Catification Examples

Here are some ideas we took from the Internet.


Catification is the process of making your home more attractive to cats. By following the tips above, you can create a safe and comfortable environment for your cats. And if you want to get cat accessories soon, make sure that they fit the design of your home, because they should be part of your interior!

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