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Designing a Cat Room: Ideas You Need to Get Started

Cat owners, we know you thought about this. You love your cat and want to give her the best life possible. I have always thought it would be nice to set up a room in your home just for my cats. A space where they can feel at peace while staying out of trouble with other family members like small children or dogs. It will be a cat playground + gym.

Now, I definitely do not have the resources yet to set up a dedicated space in our apartment for the cats, but a girl can plan! I did a little research and based on my own experience with cats, here is a checklist of 10 things we need to consider when building a cat room.

Prepare the essentials – food, water, litter box.

Cats need food, fresh water, and a litter box in their room. If you are new to cat parenting, these (and a comfy bed) are the basic things you need for cats. It’s obvious, I know. But hey, it’s better to state the obvious than to have a suffering cat!

A water fountain for drinking is also a good idea. Cats love fresh, moving water, and this keeps them coming back to drink more often, which is healthier for their kidneys! If you feed kibble, you can also put some fresh kibble in the room if your cats get hungry while you are away.

The litter box can be as simple as an Ikea container without a lid. For litter, we prefer to use soy litter, but that’s entirely up to you. Choose the litter that best suits your cat and your lifestyle. If you have more than one cat, there is a rule in the cat ownership world that says the number of litter boxes should equal the number of cats plus one. So if you have 3 cats, you should have 4 litter boxes in the room.

Tip: We often forget that cats sleep a lot. So prepare some comfortable beds for them as well. It can be some old blankets or t-shirts. They will surely thank you for it later!

Mesh up the window

Cats are known for their curiosity. Even though you know your cats will not do anything stupid like jump down a building from an open window, you never know what they’ll do when they are curious. Or if a bird flies by and they get too carried away. Or they just lost the ground under their feet.

So it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Make sure you have secured all windows with metal mesh or bars to protect them from accidents. You will also feel assured, knowing that your cat is 100% safe in the room.

Get a cat flap

A cat flap is just like a dog door. It allows your cats to easily enter and exit the room without you having to open the door for them. If you have a cat that likes to scratch at the door, you’ll understand how helpful this can be.

Ours can not stand closed doors. When they are in a room, they scratch at the door from the inside to be let out. When they are outside, they do the same to be let in.

I suspect this is very common in cats, so a cat flap may remedy the situation.

High perches for window watching

First, you need a window. Cats love to look outside. So choose a room with a window! After you cat-proof the window, you can set up perches for your cats to chill on and enjoy the view outside.

You can either build the perches yourself or buy them from a pet store. If you decide to go the DIY route, just make sure the perches can support the weight of at least 2 cats.

Tip: If you have multiple cats, consider purchasing multiple perches so that each cat has their own space.

Cat trees

Cat trees and cat condos are an almost essential part of a cat playroom. Cats love high places and a tall cat tree satisfies their urge to climb. Not to mention, it provides them with a perfect place to hide and sleep.

If you are looking for a high-quality cat tree that is durable and looks great, you should stop by Tuft & Paw. I love everything in their store. The prices are a little higher, but from all the testimonials I have read, they are made to last!

Cat shelves work great for a smaller room.
Photo by Cats Mode

Tip: If your room is too small for a cat condo, consider these cat shelves on the walls. They allow your cats to climb up and hang out in high places without the clutter.

Scratching board and scratching posts

Cats scratch. It’s just what they do. And your valuable furniture is not safe from their sharp claws. If you already have a cat tree, you probably do not need additional scratching posts, as they are usually included.

If not, then scratching boards or posts are just the thing. They help your cats scratch their claws and exercise their muscles. And it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new piece of furniture every time your cat scratches (read destroys) one.

Automated toys

If the purpose of the cat room is to create a safe and fun space for your cats, then toys are definitely among the things you need to prepare. Teasers and lasers are meant to be used when you are playing with your cats. If you are out and about and your cats are alone in the cat room, it is good to have some automatic toys for them to play with on their own.

There are many different types of automated toys on the market. You just need to do a little research and find the one that your cats will love.

Air circulation

Keeping a cat in a room can be claustrophobic and uncomfortable for the cat if there is no window. Therefore, it is very important that the room has windows to ensure air circulation.

Since it may be a small room, a window or opening for airflow is very helpful for your cats. Cats are also sensitive to drafts, so this can be a good way to avoid their discomfort.

Natural light

Cat enjoying sunlight
Cat enjoying his daily sunlight

Similar to air circulation, cats love natural sunlight and it’s good for them! This allows them to bask in the warmth during the day.

A great way to make sure your cat has access to natural sunlight is to make sure there are no obstructions in the window. As mentioned in the section above, make sure your window is properly netted before you open it.

It’s also important that your cat has plenty of room to roam and lounge around. They love to follow the sunlight throughout the day, and it would be nice if they had the floor of the room available for sunbathing.

Do not leave them alone for too long!

One last piece of advice, it’s nice to have a cat room for your cats, but do not leave them alone for too long! They will get stressed and that can lead to anxiety. Also, they might want to try to escape the room and be afraid of the room if left alone for too long.

The cat room should be a playground for cats to completely relax and play. Do not let it become a ‘naughty corner’ or a prison for your cat.


It’s all about giving our cats the best life possible! When you set up a cat room, your cat needs to feel safe and comfortable while you enjoy some time to yourself. Let us know if you have a cat room for your cats and share your tips below!

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