How Much Space Do Cats Need

How Much Space Do Cats Need? Hint: Not as much as you think

You know, I dream of owning a multi-story house with dedicated cat rooms and a backyard. Then I will adopt more cats and make the house a playground for cats.

Do you also think you will need a bigger place for your cats? Do you constantly worry about how much space your cat needs? Or are you worried about getting a cat because you live in a small space? In this post, you’ll learn how much space your cat needs. We will also give you some tips on how to meet your cat’s needs if you are short on space.

How much space do cats need?

Cats do need some room to roam, but they do not need as much land as dogs. ASPCA recommends a space of 18 square feet per cat. Now 18 square feet is definitely the minimum, and that’s barely enough for basic activities, let alone exercise and play. It’s almost like keeping them in a crate all day. In our experience, keeping up to two cats in a single bedroom is just nice if you live in a small space.

Cats love to climb and hide, so an ideal home design is more important than the literal floor size. If your cat has no place to hide, she will become restless. And vertical spaces are a great way to give her the space she needs. We will talk about this in the next section.

Besides space, there are other important needs a cat has, such as safety, food, exercise, and companionship. So before you think about space, you should consider these aspects if you want to get a cat.

Tips to create more space for cats

While there’s nothing wrong with keeping a cat in a small space like a bedroom or dorm room, cats still need enough space to hide, move around and explore. Here are a few tips on how you can create more space for them.

Focus on vertical space

If it’s not possible to go wide, go up. Cat shelves are a very good solution for small spaces. Cats love to be high up and have a place to sit. However, the can shelves need to be installed. You can do this yourself or hire a professional. But always remember to secure the shelves so that your cats are safe when they jump between them.

If space allows, you can also consider a tall but narrow cat tree. This will save space and still give your cats enough vertical room to climb and rest if they wish.

Allow your cats to roam freely around the house

Since you already have a small space, you can also let your cats roam freely. This will give them the exercise they need and allow them to explore their territory, making them feel more comfortable in their surroundings. If your home is safe and you have cat-proofed it, just let them run around freely and they will feel very comfortable, even if it is a small room.

Walk your cat on a leash

If you live in an apartment or condo, your cat may not have the opportunity to roam as freely as they would in a house. In this case, you can put your cat on a leash to get it out in the fresh air and exercise. Make sure it is a safe area for them to explore and keep an eye on them at all times. Do not let them roam freely outdoors, as you are putting them at risk. Put them on a leash and monitor them if you need to take them outside.

Create hiding places with cardboard or tunnels

Be creative with the resources and furniture you have. If you have some cardboard boxes, cut out some doors and make them into a playhouse for your cats. They will love having a place to hide and feel safe. If you are short on space, consider buying a cat tunnel. You can buy them cheaply online or in pet stores. Tunnels provide cats with an enclosed space where they can explore and hide without taking up a lot of space.

So there you have it! Some tips on how to create more space for your cats, even if you live in a small apartment or condo. Just remember that cats need some space to roam around. So make sure you give them plenty of vertical space.

Other considerations before you get a cat

If you are reading this because you are thinking about getting a cat, here are some considerations and tips for you before you jump on the wagon.

Adopt, do not buy

There are so many cats in shelters that need homes. So consider adopting before you go to a breeder or pet store.


Make sure your home is safe for a cat. Remove poisonous plants, eliminate wires they might chew on, and make sure there are no small spaces they could get stuck in. Make sure your window is blocked so they can not get there and risk falling.

Food and water

Cats need constant access to clean water. Make sure you have a large enough water bowl for them and change the water every day. Also, cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need meat in their diet. You can either give them wet food or dry food, but make sure it contains plenty of proteins.

Litter box

Cats also need a litter box. The general rule is one box per cat plus one. So if you have two cats, get three boxes. Place the boxes in different locations in your home and be sure to change the litter daily.


Cats love to play and need both physical and mental stimulation. Play with them with different toys and make sure they have plenty of scratching posts to scratch on.

Health and veterinary care

It is important to have your kittens neutered when they reach the right age. Vaccinations and annual checkups are also necessary.

Is one bedroom enough space for a cat?

Yes, a bedroom is enough space for a cat as long as you can provide it with other aspects such as love, attention and security. Cats do not need a lot of space to live because just like humans, they can adapt to their environment. You can provide them with more space by acquiring cat shelves or perches and focus on creating vertical spaces.

How much space does a kitten need?

Kittens do not need much space, although it would be nice if they had at least the size of a bedroom to explore. Space aside, it’s more important to take care of other important things like food, safety, health, and companionship.

How can I tell if my cat needs more space?

If your cat is acting up or seems restless, she may need more space. You can also observe how much time she spends in different parts of the house. If she spends most of her time in one room, she may not have enough room to roam. Cats are territorial animals and need plenty of room to mark their territory with the scent glands on their bodies.


If you are considering getting a cat but do not know if you have enough room for them, remember that cats do not need as much space as some people think! There are a few other things to consider, but overall, cats make great pets for people who live in small spaces! Just make sure they have enough room to play and hide (both vertically and horizontally) and they should be fine!

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