how to cat-proof your home

How to Cat-Proof Your Home: Tips and Tricks

Cats are notoriously curious creatures that will find their way into anything they want to explore, so as soon as you let them in the door it’s time to cat-proof your home. 

Cats are creative and crafty when it comes to going into places. They are smart and have been known to jump, climb, and squeeze their way into places that most people wouldn’t even think they could fit. 

Cat proofing is a necessity in your home if you’ve got a feline friend on the loose. Don’t worry though, it’s not difficult to do and you’ll be able to keep your kitty safe from harm in no time. This article will show you all of the best places to look and what sorts of things need to be put up in order for you and your furry feline friend to both live happily together.

How to block cats from going behind the couch?

If you do not want your cats to go behind the couch, the best way to block it is with something that covers the side and bottom. There is no quick solution for this and will require your DIY.

You might want to try a corner shelf, which will also block the side of the couch and also give your cat some climbing space. We recommend you to have some nice and soft pillows or pads underneath the corner shelf, so your cat can relax on those instead of trying to go behind the crouch.

We use cardboard and tapes for the bottom when our cats were younger. You can try placing aluminum foil on the sides and bottom as cats hate the touch of it. If your couch has space, you may put boxes or stuff in there to make it full to avoid cats from sneaking in. 

Train new kittens not to go near this area by using baby gates or physical barriers until they learn better behavior on their own.

How to block off stairs from cats?

Create a “cat-only zone” on the first floor. Place litter box, food dish, and water bowl on the first floor so that there is no reason for them to go to the other floors. Set up a bed for your pet to sleep in there as well. This will make the area more inviting!

Give your cat some toys that are only accessible in this area. You can also place scratching posts there to help them exercise.

This may not be the best idea as it will cause inconvenience to humans but you can install a tall pet gate or other barriers at the top/bottom of the stairs. One thing about blocking cats is that they can jump really high and a pet gate might not work if you have a leaper. Otherwise, choose a tall one with vertical bars and a narrow opening. If you are DIY-ing, you may try using cardboard or netting to block the stairs but they can be unsightly. 

Other ways to prevent cats from going into places are spraying a cat repellent or citrus-based scent near the stairs or placing aluminum foil on the floor of the stairs. This can deter them from going further. You can also try behavior modification by carrying them away from the stairs every time they have the intention to do it. If they stay in the new position, give them a little treat or spend some time playing with them. 

How to keep cats off the entertainment center? 

Cats love to play with anything that looks like a toy, so make sure you keep any and all objects out of the way. Keep your entertainment center clear from fun-looking toys or else risk having it destroyed by an overzealous cat!

Apply double-sided tape or sticky pads to furniture, wires, and cords. Cats dislike the feel of sticky surfaces and will avoid these areas. Otherwise, you can place aluminum foil or plastic wrap on the table and they will stay away from these areas. Well, not all cats deter the sound and noise, so you might need to look into alternative solutions.

If you have an entertainment center with doors, keep them closed when they are not in use, and be sure the opening is too small for a cat to fit through. Cats can push open heavy objects if given enough time so don’t leave your door propped open or forgotten!

Move all breakables out of reach or consider covering them. Cats may think they are fun toys too and you don’t want them to get broken. If possible, it’s even better if you can get rid of all items on top of your television stand – this includes remote controls and game consoles!

Finally, make sure that all cords are tucked out of reach behind furniture or tied up securely using a cable tie so they don’t become tempting playthings.

How to keep cats from knocking over plants

Cats are often curious creatures and will want to explore the world around them. One of the places they may want to explore is your plant pots! So how do you keep cats from knocking over plants? Read on for some tips and tricks that should help you with this issue.

Use a barrier such as chicken wire or mesh to keep cats away from plants. You can also buy a product specifically made to prevent animals from getting their paws on the plants.

Fill your plant pots with pebbles or rocks instead of soil so that if the cat knocks them over, he will not be able to cause any harm to the roots of your plants. If you are present when your cats are being mischievous, spray harmlessly scented water at them to deter them from the plants.

Place your pots on elevated surfaces such as tables or shelves to make it harder for cats to get access to them. Make sure that you stack the pots and keep things like wires, cords, and power strips out of reach- even if they are off! Keep anything dangerous away from your plants so that a curious cat does not get into any danger.

You can also try placing double-sided tapes on the pot’s surface near where their paws would land to deter them from touching the pots.

If all of these measures have been tried and your cat is still knocking over plants, you will need to get creative. Keep plants low to the ground to avoid damage when the unavoidable happens.

Try using a water-filled plant pot or bowl as an obstacle for your cat. Cats hate water and will avoid stepping in it.


Cats are curious creatures and like to explore their surroundings. To keep your feline friends from getting into trouble, here are some tips for keeping cats off places at home such as the entertainment center, behind the couch, and stairs. You may also learn more about catification here.

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